Frequently Asked Questions

Who is sent to my property to do the work?

Only members of our distinguished and experienced team of tradespeople are sent to your commercial or private property. All tradespeople are company employees and are not subcontractors.

What type of warranty or satisfaction guarantee do you offer?

Our attention to detail and punctuality sets us apart from the rest. We perform quality assurance checks after our team completes the work with before and after photographs to illustrate to clients and other interested parties the progress of the work that has been done. We hope that through our exceptional customer service, every customer will return to become a customer for life

Are your tradespeople insured?

Yes, we have Public Liability Insurance and Medical Insurance for every employee.

Why is it important that a person who is providing a service in my building be insured?

Insurance provides protection for all parties both clients and team members to eliminate the possibility of legal action in case of injury.

How do you charge?

We have a set price lists for the range of services that we provide. However, no two jobs are the same and prices may still vary depending on the scale of the job, the type of materials needed and the number of tradespeople needed for certain projects.

How do I pay?

Payment is by cheque or cash. We always issue a receipt and please be mindful to accept it. This will help us serve you better as we will have a record of all work completed and will be able to follow up if you have any additional queries about the services to maintain your satisfaction long after you have waved goodbye to our tradespeople.

Are quotes free?

Yes! The tradesperson will create a quote to find agreement before they begin work.

Should I purchase materials myself?

It is not necessary. All of our tradespeople have access to local hardware stores and home improvement centres. We can also pick up, deliver and install any materials you desire for the project.

Do you charge per hour or by job?

We do NOT charge by the hour. We give a quote for a complete project. By not charging hourly, we remove the risk that the project will take longer than expected and ultimately cost the customer more than they anticipated.